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November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving, a perspective

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First and foremost may I off salutations and felicitations to all who observe this pretty strictly American holiday. The last thing I want to do is have people uncomfortable on a day some c0nsider, a get together, good food, warm friends, all the way to “holy” in some cases.

Naturally, things get twisted over time, and the the “first”  Thanksgiving was nothing as we picture it. Cold, rabbit, lobster, some stored grains, some natives bringing in somewhat “exotic” items, perhaps a deer or wild pig to roast. Interesting concept, no silverware, napkins, wine glasses,  (little, if any wine); hemp was fine though. If there was a turkey or two, it was some stringy bird; in fact, “gamey” would fit perfectly; scrawny birds much smaller than we see today. A 20# turkey, (after preparation, which would put it somewhere in the neighborhood of 45-50# while alive would kick your ass after you missed with that musket.)

But I digress, whether you celebrate the holiday at all is up to you and yours. In any case, have a wonderful day off and may blessings fall your way. Enjoy the spirit of the season, and if you have negative feeling, hide out, leave others alone to celebrate.

Enjoy, love, live, hug, recall old friendships, plant new friendships.




November 22, 2013

The Price

Demolished building

Chldren amidst the destruction

The true price of war is the 80-85% of civilians being killed, maimed or displaced. The gates of hell are opened and people flee the torment to come; some never make it. Untrained in warfare, all they can do is flee as fast and as far as possible, inevitably they become, “collateral damage”.

A few nations have elected and appointed leaders that are enlightened and intelligent enough to realize the horror of war. Take Willie Brandt, who helped rebuild Germany after WWII; compare him to Ferdinand Foch the French autocrat whose policies brought about WWII. Many people of German ancestry moved as far away from Foch and his policies as the could, they went to Poland and other states here they felt relatively safe.

The Great War took some 37 million casualties between deaths and wounds, the Spanish Flu added another 20 million to the death toll, some 20,000 of these were in the United States. There can never be an accurate count because men were buried in the trenches that became their graves and the Russians downgraded their losses to a “comfortable level”.

Those that tried to flee after the first shots ere fired were murdered in the streets as “cowards” or scoundrels” . Most were farmers, shopkeepers, bakers and various tradesmen. Wives and children were forced to watch the men shot or hand as “traitors”; it worsened as the war went on, year after year, hour after hour. Entire French regiments stacked arms and headed to the rear; Germans did this as well but on a slightly slower level.

The Price of all of this were some 11 million deaths from both sides, not including the Spanish Flu.

The Germans had 3 rail guns, which could hurl munitions 70 miles, one of the first hit a church in which 60 people were killed outright and several hundred became disfigured and suffered terrible wounds. If one of these rounds had been filled with mustard or some other gas, Paris could well have become a ghost town. Parisians did not want this fight, most Germans did not want this fight, certainly the US did want to be dragged into a war an ocean away. Up to that point we were an agrarian nation moving to an industrial nation, very few Americans wanted anything to do with European politics, much less war. Without a standing Army and a Navy that left much to be desired, civilians were drafted, leaving their families to fend for themselves, unaware that some 500,000 soldiers and seamen would never return. The cost of this, and every war is the civilian population.

Ill prepared, we tarried on. We realized that making weapons for war was far more profitable than agriculture or minor industry, this was the beginning of the “military/industrial” complex.

In a hut, up to his knees in snow guarding prisoners, a man pondered the future, seeds were germinating and in a mere generation, that man, Adolph Hitler, would set the world afire again. With even more civilians paying the price.


November 18, 2013


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1. If you are right, stand your ground; if you are wrong, admit it and get on with life.

2. Listen, don’t just hear. These are two distinct acts, listening brings wisdom, hearing brings nothing,

3. Your life is yours to live, enjoy it, but try to avoid harming others during this journey.

4. You already know right from wrong, do what is right.

5.Be generous, not only with material objects, but with your own personality as well.

6.Fear is born of ignorance, education and knowledge dispel fear.

7. Seek out the wise, there are many things they can teach you.

8. Seek out the fool, there are many things they can teach you.

9. Seek solace in the night sky and the sounds of nature, you will find inner peace.

10. Do what you can to end the fighting and war; maintain your integrity when you do this, it is your most powerful tool.

11. Avoid anger, the fool who blows his horn the second the light turns green, will find himself at the next red light, that should

console you, (I actually chuckle seeing some goomer sitting next me at the next light, that horn did a lot of good!)

12. Use your mental and physical energies wisely, what would benefit the most people? What can I do to help a single individual?

13. Strength comes from the mind and heart, never let it leave you in even the most dire of circumstances, understanding full well

that there are evil people in this world and with strength, particularly collective strength, it is difficult to stop them, but certainly

not impossible.

Take a moment to reflect when things were “different”, they never really were, our ancestors faced the same problems, overcame them and moved on. Circumstances are slightly different, but love is still love and we should learn to love everyone, (or at least tolerate them).



November 7, 2013

Armistice / Veterans Day for Peace November 11, 2013

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Please take a moment and send this message to other veterans you know and to friends and allies. Please join us at our Annual Armistice / Veterans Day Parade and Peace Event on Monday, November 11. 
Also, thanks to the efforts of Lara and Doug over 25 churches will ring their bells at 11:00am on Nov. 11.
If you attend a Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple please contact them and ask them to participate by ringing their bells to celebrate the true meaning of Armistice Day, a day of Peace. If they agree to participate – please contact Lara Hoke at: to give her the information so they can be properly listed
Please take a moment and send this around. Let’s make this the best Armistice / Veterans Day Parade and Peace Event ever.
Attention Peace Activist
Please Join Veterans For Peace and our “Outhouse House Band” The Leftist Marching Band for
Armistice / Veterans
Day for Peace
November 11, 2013
Parade & Faneuil Hall Event
Veterans for Peace will once again proudly walk behind the street sweepers in the Veterans Day Parade in Boston. Please join us as we show our opposition to the on-going war in Afghanistan and our undeclared Drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia
More information to follow
We will gather at 12:30 on the corner of Charles and Beacon Streets.
1st Parade steps off at 1:00 pm – our parade will follow
Our Armistice / Veterans Day for Peace Parade will follow the first parade which steps off at 1:00 pm on the corner of Boylston and Tremont Street and continue along the Boston Common. Our parade then will weave it’s way to Faneuil Hall for the Armistice / Veterans Day for Peace Event.

A Win In The Congo!

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M23 rebel recruits stand at attention during a training session at the Rumangabo military camp in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on 16 May, 2013.

Nicholas Kulish of the NYT’s:

Is reporting that the group known as M23 has stood down and will no longer engage in armed conflict, ending a 20 month rebellion.

The Congolese government, with UN support brokered a tentative agreement.

I am not an expert on this subject, but when wars and fighting cease, I can see the dawn. The larger question will be how the Congolese government will deal with Group M23. There are many facets involved in this situation, but I hope the Congolese government realizes that when the wheel of justice turns; forgiveness is a part of that wheel.

There are references to Rwanda aiding M23 and other rebel groups, but nothing of substance has turned up. The US has suspended military aid to Rwanda, (as where we should everywhere).

As “minor” as this may seem, at least less blood will flow in the Congo.


November 2, 2013

“If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.”

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Over the years we’ve heard that little lie time after time. Generally, it comes from WWII movies or old cop flicks; point is, everyone has “done something wrong”‘ even if it is an illusion the cops decided upon.

We all have secrets, things we don’t even speak of those we trust the most, we do this for various reasons, but generally speaking, we keep our secrets out of a sense of embarrassment or misunderstanding. During a face to face discussion there is a lot of innuendo, it is easier to “read” the person. When we touch a tender mental spot, we can back off, change the subject or just get up and go for a walk.

This changes dramatically when law enforcement enters the picture. The “one line mind” takes over, you must be guilty of something, even if it is not the primary cause for initiating an investigation. Most people investigated have done noting to initiate said investigations, the police are fishing for clues, such as witnesses or people who know suspects.

Now we live in a different world, one that scares the hell out of everyone who knows any part of the most recent police policies and capabilities. I’m willing to be you didn’t know your windows act like parabolic listening devices. The Russians found this out in the 1950’s. By using parabolic dishes, they could hear just about everything in the US embassy, with pretty good clarity too. I owned a parabolic device I bought in  Radio Shack 20 years ago, I could clearly hear conversations at 100 yards and more.

This piece delves into some of what we know law enforcement has now, from the NSA, CIA, FBI on down to local PD’s. First the is “Stellar Wind” which picks up every electronic signal in the world, (go ahead Google it, the storage space is in Utah), and it is in use today There is also PRISM, BRIC, facial recognition, illegal wiretaps both  here and abroad. The CIA, by law cannot be used in the US, but it is; everything changed under the Patriot Act and the subsequent additions to the dreadful laws. We are about as close to a police state as a “democracy” can be, and we are no safer than before all of this stuff started.

The radicals on 9-11won, we lost our last vestige of freedom as bush hid in a bunker in Nebraska. The Patriot Act had already been pieced together, all that was needed was a catalyst; the nightmare of 9-11 lit the fuse.

Hundreds of billions went not just to the military, but to law enforcement as well. PD’s could buy body armor, wheeled and tracked vehicles to storm possible terrorist hideouts…(how many have there been?) Of course, good old fashioned police work most likely would have caught the Boston Marathon bombers long before they did their damage, if we were not so dependent upon high end tech stuff. Lazers, tazers, M-16’s and armor piercing bullets. Come to think of it, no one told the kid to come out of the boat or lift the tarp and pull him out; it was as assassination attempt with over 100 bullet holes in the boat, trying to kill rather than capture the perpetrator. For the record, the PD’s really need to take up some serious firearms training…>100 rounds and they missed the kid. By the way, does law enforcement owe the owner of the boat a new one?

Your chance of being hit in a terrorist attack is close to nil. Sadly, some do and pay with life and limb. But it is all about scaring people. Once the incident is over, people dig in their heels, and allow the police to do what they do best, capture criminals, especially violent ones.

The point of all of this that we are a hairs breadth away from swastika laden fools that will be more terroristic than anything that comes from outside the country.

More on technology to come in the near future.

Stay safe, and press home for Peace,


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