Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

August 26, 2013

“Veterans For Peace Radio”‏

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Thank you for listening to OBR


There are a number of ways to get to VFP Radio, you can go to, or go to Occupy Boston’s Website and click the radio button; we’re on from 1800-1900 Monday’s occasionally there is a little run over. Of late, Joe and I have had a myriad of discussions, not all military by any means and we’ve love to have you listen or participate by coming to the station, or I can even come to you and do a remote broadcast about anything you want to talk about.

I have but one rule, we do not advocate violence against anyone or any entity.

If you want o be heard, we are 9A Hamilton Place, 2nd floor (studio) (e5); or, I can do a remote broadcast and come out to you so people can get your point of view, which is as important as anyone else’s!

You an reach me by e-mail or: 857-719-2738

Peace All!




August 22, 2013

Bradley Manning meet up at Park Street

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First and foremost, I’d like to thank all who showed up to support Bradley. I know 35 years seems like a ridiculous sentence, (he should have been exonerated), but in all seriousness, I doubt Bradley will serve out this term.

While we must keep the pressure on those in power over this incident, we must also realize there are options open that can reduce and even pardon Bradley. Law is funny stuff, especially under the UCMJ. On a whim, a commander can exonerate Manning or reduce his sentence. Obama could easily sign a pardon.

Let us not forget that Lt Calley was responsible for the murder of civilians and Nixon placed him on house arrest, then pardoned him. Oliver North lied before congress, committed treason, (I do not use that word lightly because under the Constitution at least two people need to accuse an individual of treason, which did happen). Admiral Poindexter, for his part in the Iran-Contra situation was actually elevated in his position, he also lied before congress, but I cannot prove he committed treason, (he covered his tracks well.)

Our speakers were eloquent, getting out the message, something we must continue to do wherever we can. Plant seeds, nurture them, let people know of the injustice that Manning and others face every day, engage people, befriend them, get them to work with and beside you.

Remember, this is not over.



August 2, 2013

OBR will be live broadcasting from Madison WI from 8-7/8-9

For those that can’t make it Madison, as soon as I work out the schedule, so as not to override any other live broadcast from Boston, we will have live broadcasting through Occupy Radio Boston. One can go to or Occupy and click the radio tab. I’ll try to stick to the schedule as closely as I can, but technically difficulties inevitably arise.

I should have a viable schedule up by Monday Night

The basis of this is so that people from all over the country have a chance too speak their minds and get ideas rolling. We have a chance for voices to be heard from across the nation, VFP voices, voices of reason and concern.

So please, listen, participate, be a part of VFP’s convention even if you can’t make it to Madison!

I will do daily updates on my FB and the Smedley’s FB as well.

Stay well, more to come shortly!


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