Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

November 18, 2013


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1. If you are right, stand your ground; if you are wrong, admit it and get on with life.

2. Listen, don’t just hear. These are two distinct acts, listening brings wisdom, hearing brings nothing,

3. Your life is yours to live, enjoy it, but try to avoid harming others during this journey.

4. You already know right from wrong, do what is right.

5.Be generous, not only with material objects, but with your own personality as well.

6.Fear is born of ignorance, education and knowledge dispel fear.

7. Seek out the wise, there are many things they can teach you.

8. Seek out the fool, there are many things they can teach you.

9. Seek solace in the night sky and the sounds of nature, you will find inner peace.

10. Do what you can to end the fighting and war; maintain your integrity when you do this, it is your most powerful tool.

11. Avoid anger, the fool who blows his horn the second the light turns green, will find himself at the next red light, that should

console you, (I actually chuckle seeing some goomer sitting next me at the next light, that horn did a lot of good!)

12. Use your mental and physical energies wisely, what would benefit the most people? What can I do to help a single individual?

13. Strength comes from the mind and heart, never let it leave you in even the most dire of circumstances, understanding full well

that there are evil people in this world and with strength, particularly collective strength, it is difficult to stop them, but certainly

not impossible.

Take a moment to reflect when things were “different”, they never really were, our ancestors faced the same problems, overcame them and moved on. Circumstances are slightly different, but love is still love and we should learn to love everyone, (or at least tolerate them).




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