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June 27, 2013

VFP Radio Archives

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OK, I know it has been a long time coming, but I finally am learning to archive the VFP Radio Hour!

I ask you all to bear with me as I bring these shows up, it will take some time, but check here regularly to listen in on what we’ve spoken about in the past. I’ve had some great guests with fantastic ideas about gains made in the Peace movement!

So here we go, enjoy and feel free to comment on anything you hear or read here at VFP; just one rule, we will not tolerate advocating violence toward anyone or any entity. Don’t forget, we’re LIVE every Monday from 1800-1900 (6-7 PM for you civilians) Eastern.




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June 24, 2013

Why We Need To Abolish The CIA, NSA and Homeland Security

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First and foremost, they can’t do their jobs correctly.

The CIA has been correct on only one occasion since it’s morphing from the OSS, the Egypt/Israel 6 day war. In every other instance, calamity has followed it wherever it rears it’s head. Coup d’ tats have had devastating consequences in the countries where they CIA has played it’s hand. All over the globe, wherever the CIA has it’s fingerprints, disaster has followed. South America, South East Asia, Europe, Africa; just about the only continent that has escapedĀ  the claws of the CIA is Antarctica, and that is very questionable.

The NSA, dragging in every electronic signal around the globe for “analysis”. Other than the fact that this is nearly impossible task, why should they care at all about the average person having a discussion via the internet or on a cell phone? I call my aunt for a fudge recipe, and it goes into a storage center in Utah. If the discussion comes around to the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, the word “assassination” triggers a “search”. Suddenly, my aunt and I are “suspects” because of a 50 year old assassination that is still questionable as to the results of the investigation.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been dumped into law enforcement, yet two kids make bombs that kill and maim people in Boston. These two were already on the radar; did it occur to HS/BPD to check these guys out? When found, one was killed outright, the other found by the owner of a boat noticing something amiss w/the tarp. This unarmed civilian was one block outside of the 20 block shut down zone, lifts the tarp, sees a lot of blood and an unarmed individual in the boat. He does the right thing, calls the cops, as any normal citizen would. What happened next was an assassination attempt. Rather than surround the boat, pull back the tarp and arrest the kid, they open up with a fusillade of firepower, flash/bag grenades and SWAT members. None of this was to capture the individual alive, it was designed as an ambush to kill him, but somehow, he survived, even with a massive loss of blood. I saw a picture of the boat after the encounter and it looked as if it were caught in Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 41. Homeland Security, they’ll get us all killed sooner or later.

My point in all of this is that these, and other agencies consistently get it wrong virtually all of the time. Good police work solves most crimes and prevents many more. Rather than spying on citizens, perhaps it might do the agencies best to fighting crime, investigating serious white collar crime, preventing violence in the streets, gaining from their mistakes through the learning process that criminal behavior can be held at bay when good tactics are used. I want predators off the street, I want murderers, rapists and thieves off the street.

As for the people of Boston, indeed, the people around the world, we are resilient, an act of “terror” may shock us, but we will never give in to thought of a future of constant fear.


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