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January 29, 2013

War is a nightmare, in more ways than one…

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There is the obvious death and destruction, but there are things that happen in the military that are completely uncalled for. One of these is the situation that Bradley Manning is facing. We’re moving in 1000 days of seclusion for an individual who spoke the truth. Yet, he’s treated as if he were a traitor.

He’s been denied due process, there are flaws all over the place under both the UCMJ as well as the Rules for Courts Martial. He’s been denied a quick and speedy trial, while the government states they are building a case. Alleged murderers get trials faster than Manning, and they are generally not placed in situations that border on torture.

President Obama can right a terrible error when he declared, as Commander in Chief, that Manning was guilty by ordering a full pardon. The only thing that Manning did as expose military abuses, something every soldier is taught to do. His method may have been a little out of line, but the reality is, he brought out the truth, so the hammers of power have to be brought out. But why does it take so long to “build this¬† case” and all the while, a young man is essentially in a state of tortured existence.


January 24, 2013

A 2nd term president can produce real change.

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It is not hard to imagine that during the 2nd term of Obama, that the wars will finally end, there will be a drastic shift in funding away from the military and we will begin to prosper once again.

The rub is, it’s imagination. So far, all we’ve seen is an escalation in spending on war and it’s consequences. I can’t see Obama doing a 180¬† and changing from the current course, he’s a corporatist, well in the pockets of the war industry. Philosophically, he’s as bad as bush as far the use of armed force goes, in fact, he may actually be worse since he does not appear to realize that the lessons he should have learned from the previous administration just plain didn’t sink in.

Creating enemies, aiding and abetting more enemies as opposed to building lasting alliances around the globe will do little more than enhance deeper divisions in already tenuous situations.

The only thing we have is pressure congresscritters and Obama to do the right thing and end the violence around the world where we are engaged and damn sure don’t get involved in other conflicts. All of this death and destruction has done little more than add riches to arms producers, we’ve become the purveyors of death such as the world has never seen, and wiped out our economy while doing it.

Imagine a world without war…I can, but I don’t think Obama is capable.

January 23, 2013

I am still around and hope people don’t think I’ve lost interest….

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I’ve been extremely busy, but will continue to update this blog on a regular basis.


We have several things to talk about, not the least of which are Bradley Manning, The Boston St Pat’s Peace Parade and other items of importance. Drone attacks, what people can do to help the president end the wars and bringing our people home quickly and safely.


One thing we should all be working for is a Peaceful world where violence is no longer the norm, but rather a abstract vision on how things were at points during our history.

Peace takes work, more work than war, so let’s dig in our heels and press home the case for Peace wherever we can.

Here in Boston and across the nation, people hunger for no more war, we can do this, but we’ve got to work together.



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