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November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving, a perspective

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First and foremost may I off salutations and felicitations to all who observe this pretty strictly American holiday. The last thing I want to do is have people uncomfortable on a day some c0nsider, a get together, good food, warm friends, all the way to “holy” in some cases.

Naturally, things get twisted over time, and the the “first”  Thanksgiving was nothing as we picture it. Cold, rabbit, lobster, some stored grains, some natives bringing in somewhat “exotic” items, perhaps a deer or wild pig to roast. Interesting concept, no silverware, napkins, wine glasses,  (little, if any wine); hemp was fine though. If there was a turkey or two, it was some stringy bird; in fact, “gamey” would fit perfectly; scrawny birds much smaller than we see today. A 20# turkey, (after preparation, which would put it somewhere in the neighborhood of 45-50# while alive would kick your ass after you missed with that musket.)

But I digress, whether you celebrate the holiday at all is up to you and yours. In any case, have a wonderful day off and may blessings fall your way. Enjoy the spirit of the season, and if you have negative feeling, hide out, leave others alone to celebrate.

Enjoy, love, live, hug, recall old friendships, plant new friendships.




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