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August 24, 2014

James Foley Was Murdered By Cowards

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I do not use the word “cowards” lightly, but if one is going to stand over someone who has been incapacitated by handcuffs/wrist restraints while wearing what is essentially a mask to endure he is not recognized for what he is about to do, that man, and others like him, are cowards.

This is not a one time issue, it seems as though many who claim to be acting in “the name of god” don’t have the intestinal fortitude to show their faces; perhaps god will come back to them in a hellfire missile or some 300 rounds from a mini-gun.

My point is, I had to face my “enemies”, often looking into their eyes, these men were brave men, believing in what they were fighting for. Yes, a lot of VC wore black, but I can’t recall one of them wearing a ski mask. War is always an ugly business. From it’s inception to today, the idea is to kill and cripple others, destroying an enemies capacity and will to fight. Foley’s murder was an act of terror, and with all acts of terror, once the initial reaction wears off, we dig in our heels and go after the fools that do do such things.

Make no mistake about this, ISIS/ISIL/Assholes, what ever they are, people will rise up and destroy them. The people they terrorize will find the fortitude to take them on, and I will not shed a tear, not even a sniffle will come from me. When evil raises it’s head, regardless of where that evil is, it must be taken to task. Americans have done horrific things, the British, French and just about every group on earth has done horrific things; Pol Pot, Hitler, Stalin the list goes on…but each of them had a face, not some sappy rag over their head to disguise them.

Let’s find this guy, bring him to justice, let him rot in a steel cell, fed gruel once a day and spend many a year thinking about how cowardly his act was. The one thing we don’t want to do, if possible, is kill this coward, make him live in the shame he brought upon himself and his “ISIS” brethren. A hero dies but once, a coward dies a thousand times a day.



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