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May 8, 2014

The Depths of Human Depravity


Just when I think that there can be nothing worse than the Holocaust or the Killing Fields in Cambodia, something new pops up and I wonder just how low some people can go to reach a new level of depravity, it appears that Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram has hit a new low in being the leader of the group that has kidnapped some 300 girls and is prepared to sell them into slavery, (some have been reported as being sold for $12).

Shekau and his band of thugs, apparently using Islam as it’s justification, is nothing more than a slave trader, something virtually everyone should find despicable. Using a religion to offer up human beings to be brides, workers or anything else is abhorrent. I can’t even call this monster a human being, nor the thugs that pass themselves off as Muslims. Don’t get me wrong, virtually every society has done this at one time or another, usually under the guise of some religion; but here we are in the 21st Century and slime like this still exist.

If there was ever a use for surveillance drones, this is it. I do not want armed drones seeking out these people, particularly when innocents could be killed or maimed, but heat signatures and other technology could find the area where these people are and are being held, or what direction they are moving. Then, Nigeria can send in forces to bag Shekau and his “followers”, bag them and bring them before either a Nigerian or the World Court for crimes against humanity. Lock him up in a single, windowless cell for the rest of this life and his only human contact would be when he is fed. I do not want this man killed, that would make him a “martyr” to some, when locked away, he becomes a non-entity, a cast-off.

I can only hope that all of these girls are returned home, the Nigerian government appears powerless in this instance, they need to prepare better and react quickly when such things might happen. Nigeria can afford to upgrade it’s forces, especially for circumstances such as this.

Bottom line, we are all human beings deserving respect, dignity, education and protection from those who would do others harm, regardless of gender, place of origin, geographic place in the world, religion or many other things that “divide” us. When we come together against evil, truth, wisdom and goodness are the results.

These children of world deserve our attention as a worldwide community, not in military action, but as police action and taken through the courts. Safety and Peace for all should be the main goal. Let us end the depravity of the human species.

Bob Funke


April 22, 2014

Points to Ponder on Military Extravagance


I find it difficult for people to simply accept what they hear on TV, the radio or read in conventional newspapers. The idea that we must spend more on defense is insane to say the least. No other nation can attack us conventionally, there are some issues with terrorist attacks, but the idea that we can be invaded in the traditional sense is nothing less than insane. We could easily cut 1/3 of our military budget and remain safe from attacks. If we actually did things properly, we would not have to worry about outside terrorist attacks either, in fact, our biggest problem with terrorism is hate groups already well established in the US comprised of disgruntled citizens.

I recall Reagan ordering USS Missouri recommissioned at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Since Big MO ran on oil, it cost an incredible amount to just have her churn up the sea, not to mention the man power required, training, upgrades and a host of other things…just so Reagan could take a page from nearly a century earlier from Teddy Roosevelt’s book, when battleships were the kings of the sea. They lost that status with the advent of aircraft carriers and missiles that could be fired from 50+ miles away sending them to the bottom.

Please don’t get me wrong, I believe we need to defend our nation, but to my point of view, this is a bit overkill. We have F-35’s at some $65M a pop that can’t even fly, we have F-22’s where pilots pass out from anoxia, some have refused to fly the F-22 because nothing short of a crash dummy can survive the flight. We are contracting ships that start taking on water the moment they are launched because of cheap foreign steel and poor welding. Ground troops have to carry so many items they can barely move in close quarters where a good portion of the fighting goes on. I carried two canteens of water, a couple of belts of M-60 ammo, an M-16 or M-14 depending on the mission and a tee-shirt and a pair of Army issued jungle cammies/greens. I sat on my flak jacket because I did not wish to lose my heritage to the rounds that came trough the floor of the slick I was in; (it was amazing the punishment those birds could take). Just as today, we looked for things to make out lives just a little easier…and longer lasting.

We searched for things “out of place”, what had moved? Was there new earth to be seen where a hole had been dug? Was a tree bent a certain way? We use all of our senses, were insects chirping or silent? Were birds moving through the trees and chirping, or suddenly a flock take off from their perches? Did monkeys seem inordinately noisy, you got to use everything, a breeze would send the scent of fresh shit your way, you can tell the difference between human and animal shit, after all, it’s what you eat. LRRP’s would spend a week or more eating local food, never touching anything from the US, you had to stink like the area you were in. You could smell Ivory soap at 300+ meters.

We wasted an incredible amount of ammo, the “Mad Minute” alone used a battalions worth of ammo during that small amount of time, and it did no good, after being caught once at sundown, the VC/NVA  just hunkered down behind a berm, rocks or anything else until it was over. No one was scratched, but it made us feel good, somewhat safer. But we still had to double the sentries and send out more listening posts. Outside the wire, it was a different world, and woe be to the man who forgot the sign/countersign.

Napalm, White Phosporus, ( Willie Pete), Agent Orange, numerous and sundry chemical exposures of unknown forms creating diseases of unknown etiology, (some still unknown), that manifest themselves in various cancers, glandular disorders and a host of other problems that are some 40-50 years later making themselves known. In our current debacles, we have “depleted uranium”, designed to punch through armor; since the Afghans have little to no armor, it is used on people and their homes. The residual effect is a radioactive nightmare that kills silently and deforms children while still in the womb, leaving faceless, legless, armless replicas of what should be a healthy baby. Nightmarish photos exist of disastrously deformed babies, paid for by our tax dollars.

But we have these things now, so we use them. What nightmare situations are in our near and if we survive, distant future?

War is expensive, you use a bullet, rocket, artillery round but once, then you have to get more, the cycle continues, built on the false hope that war can “cure” war. What “cures” war is Equality, Justice and a motivation to lay down the arms we use to kill and maim others. It takes us to another level of communication, where intellect is king, not who has the heavier tank, or bigger nuclear device. If we are all to be free from war and skirmishes we need to understand the needs of people and act to make those needs accessible. Food, clothing and a place to live top the list. Taking care of these three things would move us closer to Peace, We can then fine tune the outcome, help with irrigation, seeds for edible plants, factories to make clothes and other items, concrete to build homes sturdy enough to withstand desert storms. No more exploitation of the locals, no more empire building, no more theft of resources, no more killing.




November 22, 2013

The Price

Demolished building

Chldren amidst the destruction

The true price of war is the 80-85% of civilians being killed, maimed or displaced. The gates of hell are opened and people flee the torment to come; some never make it. Untrained in warfare, all they can do is flee as fast and as far as possible, inevitably they become, “collateral damage”.

A few nations have elected and appointed leaders that are enlightened and intelligent enough to realize the horror of war. Take Willie Brandt, who helped rebuild Germany after WWII; compare him to Ferdinand Foch the French autocrat whose policies brought about WWII. Many people of German ancestry moved as far away from Foch and his policies as the could, they went to Poland and other states here they felt relatively safe.

The Great War took some 37 million casualties between deaths and wounds, the Spanish Flu added another 20 million to the death toll, some 20,000 of these were in the United States. There can never be an accurate count because men were buried in the trenches that became their graves and the Russians downgraded their losses to a “comfortable level”.

Those that tried to flee after the first shots ere fired were murdered in the streets as “cowards” or scoundrels” . Most were farmers, shopkeepers, bakers and various tradesmen. Wives and children were forced to watch the men shot or hand as “traitors”; it worsened as the war went on, year after year, hour after hour. Entire French regiments stacked arms and headed to the rear; Germans did this as well but on a slightly slower level.

The Price of all of this were some 11 million deaths from both sides, not including the Spanish Flu.

The Germans had 3 rail guns, which could hurl munitions 70 miles, one of the first hit a church in which 60 people were killed outright and several hundred became disfigured and suffered terrible wounds. If one of these rounds had been filled with mustard or some other gas, Paris could well have become a ghost town. Parisians did not want this fight, most Germans did not want this fight, certainly the US did want to be dragged into a war an ocean away. Up to that point we were an agrarian nation moving to an industrial nation, very few Americans wanted anything to do with European politics, much less war. Without a standing Army and a Navy that left much to be desired, civilians were drafted, leaving their families to fend for themselves, unaware that some 500,000 soldiers and seamen would never return. The cost of this, and every war is the civilian population.

Ill prepared, we tarried on. We realized that making weapons for war was far more profitable than agriculture or minor industry, this was the beginning of the “military/industrial” complex.

In a hut, up to his knees in snow guarding prisoners, a man pondered the future, seeds were germinating and in a mere generation, that man, Adolph Hitler, would set the world afire again. With even more civilians paying the price.


March 21, 2013

The Ultimate Price

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There are many ways to come home from war, this is one we rarely see.

Since the beginning of the current hostilities, with few exceptions, we do not see the cost in human terms.

We honor our dead, but what about these:

See the faces of war, the power we have unleashed; see the nightmare, and REMEMBER, we were lied to to get us into  this insanity.

10 years now, and it should never have happened.

March 7, 2013

War is agony, it is the very definition of insanity

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The following comes to you from Afghan Info War’s Photo Gallery:

There are nightmarish scenarios vs the pearls:

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