Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

“If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear”

How many times have we heard that? It’s a standard in movies about Nazi’s; but now we hear it, live, right here in the US.

We are quickly moving into a police state where we are generations ahead of the Nazi’s and their minions. “Stop and frisk”, “driving while black”, “curfews at memorials in NYC. It all comes together, the increments come quicker, the PD’s are now para-military forces, prepared to destroy  what their corporate masters demand of them.

“You have nothing to fear, we will protect you”;  sure. While serious crimes are being perpetrated, the PD’s waste time on pot busts and spurious “crimes” that harm no one. When it does come down to something serious. Instead of arresting a wounded kid, no threat at that point, over 100 bullet holes are put through a boat in an assassination attempt as opposed to an arrest of a terrorist. I make no bones about it, this kid could have been arrested by pulling back the tarp and pulling him out, (which is what happened after they could not kill him).

We all have secrets, wee all have things we are proud of and ashamed of, they are what make us human. We’ve all done “something wrong”, at least from someone’s point of view. This means we have a reason to “fear” out government and it’s entities. And if anyone thinks that the people running these circuses are true, blue, honest citizens, think again; it takes but a mere point to bring out the tiger of the government. Ask the over 80 in Gitmo who have been exonerated. Ask the people who sit in gray rooms because they told the truth, ask Chelsea Manning.

We are prisoners and don’t even realize it. Wake up, put an end to the police state, we can do this, hopefully before the swastikas become a part of the “uniform”.




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