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July 18, 2013

Life…an new beginning

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Death is so passe,  I mean really, killing each other over the most stupid things is really getting old, in fact it’s ancient.

What does one gain from the death of another? Does one gain an extra day of life, fortune, another breath until they themselves die?

Amass all the riches in the world, kill to get them, in the end, you have nothing, not even honor. You have become a slave to your own greed and hubris, enough to kill, maim and destroy others, and for what, “fame”. What “fame” does a murder have?

Some people are simply cruel, others are taught to be cruel, this happens in armies all over the world; we take decent people and turn them into killing machines. What would happen though, if those who would aspire to glorify themselves in war could find no soldier to command? Mill workers remained mill workers, farmers remained farmers, plumbers remained plumbers, in other words, people refused to fight?

Life would spring forward, people would treat others as human beings, after all, that’s what we are. What if arms makers went out of business, or better yet, production could be used to enhance rather than destroy people? The trillions of dollars spent could go to fighting disease, rebuilding nations ravaged by neglect because all of the money was spent on death and destruction was spent on life and education. Leaps in science, as opposed to nosediving into death.

Evil people could be rounded up and placed in jails and prisons, never being able to harm others again. War profiteers could have their money taken away, distributed to new forms of energy, agriculture and irrigation.

Life…a new beginning.




There are many who are partaking in fasting for those in Gitmo

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Elliot Adams and Takak Kauff have been fasting in support of those being force fed in Gitmo; which, in most people’s minds is a form of torture.

Most of us know that the signature of Obama could send some 83 people home, some whom have been here for upwards of 11-12 years without being charged, seeing a lawyer and no place to turn. That some would rather die than live under these conditions speaks volumes. For those who have been charged with criminal activity, get them out of Gitmo and into a prison here in teh US where they can be tried under the Justice system we so revere.

Many others are fasting as well, some are doing this on a constant basis, taking in electrolytes and water, others are fasting “part time”, regardless, they are showing support. I decided last night I will do a “semi-fast” as I have to keep to a relatively liquid diet due to surgery, but I can cut back, showing others that we can win this battle. I’m not asking much, just cut back, write your congresscritters about how despicable those in Gitmo are being treated.

Let’s put some pressure on to get those 83 back to their homelands. We can do this, it takes work and dedication, but the payoff is tremendous.



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