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August 18, 2014

Ferguson MO: Part 3

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I find it exceptionally disturbing that the situation in Ferguson has deteriorated to where the NG had to be called in. The situation is sad and difficult enough with the death of a young man and many questions left unanswered, however, this community has shown itself to be resilient and from what I can gather, the people causing trouble are from outside of the area, using the tragedy for their own nefarious purposes.

Is this how we are going to remember Mr. Brown? His death was tragic enough, but to add mayhem to the situation is beyond all reasonable thought processes. We know who shot him, there may be charges brought up on the police officer after an investigation, (I can figure it would be manslaughter at best, but that carries with it a stiff sentence). The point is, you don’t make a terrible situation worse by adding more problems to an already volatile situation.

I am a white male, not that that means anything, above all I am a human being, and as a human being, seeing another human being treated as Mr. Brown was disturbs me greatly. But no good can come of more violence, particularly if that violence comes from other areas and is the incident of Mr. Brown’s death is tarnished by those who seek to gain from this incident.

My hope is that Justice will prevail and we will all learn a lesson from this so that no more “Mr. Brown’s” will find themselves bleeding to death in the street. Restraint by all is of paramount importance if we are ever going to put an end to senseless killing. Let the law take it’s course. By all means, each of us has our thoughts on what happened and why, but the truth will win out, we owe this to Mr. Brown and those who have been in the line of fire before him.





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