Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

July 23, 2014

Palestine/Israel Report from Copley Square 7-22-14

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So I went down to the library about an hour before the event to take in the sights and observe who was showing up for what. At first there were a dew people showing up with signs, mostly against Israel attacking Gaza. There were Palestinian supporters that showed up first and the crowd steadily grew. Near Boylston, the Israeli supporters began to show up.

Chants and megaphones fired up and before one could say “oh no”, the arguments began with lots of shouting, which continued to get considerably louder as the multiple megaphones, a drum and chants, the Palestinian supporters started the chants, there were approximately 3:1 in comparison with the Israeli supporters.  A chart held up  had a “death rate” for the week, 346 Palestinians as opposed to 2 Israeli’s. The rockets that Hamas has tossed over the border have been completely ineffective, except for the one that landed near Tel Aviv, stopping traffic at Ben Gurion Airport. To me, that was most likely a fluke since thee rest of the missiles landed harmlessly in fields.

The pro-Israeli group got more vociferous and the chatter going back and forth was the usual stuff; there was a cacophony of charges/counter-charges, the same thing we’ve seen so many times before, just a little more vociferous. The BPD set up a bicycle barrier between the two groups which worked rather well, nice to know the BPD can learn non-violent tactics.

The two groups moved on separate streets toward the State House. I took the Green Line back to Park, as my marching/walking days are over.

My initial impression was that there is a great deal of animosity between the groups, which I find unfortunate, particularly by protesting here in the US they do not face the same as do Palestinians and Israeli’s. My thought is to break down all barriers, the fall back of Israel forces at least 4 kilometers; the blockade  must be taken down and humanitarian supplies be issued immediately in Gaza and elsewhere. Hamas needs to dismantle it’s missiles and not fire anything into Israel.

Judging by today’s shout-fest I think we have a way to go; but I can say, I witnessed no violence as the sides squared off.


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