Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

July 21, 2014

Gaza, Israel

Filed under: The Human Cost of War — bobfunke @ 2:26

With their backs against the river, cut off from virtually any land passage, the inhabitants are in the same position Santa Ana found himself  at San Jacinto. Sam Houston commanded a battle that lasted 15 minutes and chased the Mexican Army out of their original territory for good. I use this analogy because of what happened when Santa Ana was caught and brought before a wounded Houston sitting against a tree immediately following that battle. Houston was asked whether, shooting, hanging, dismembering or a host of other things should/could happen to Santana Ana. Houston, without hesitation,  stated another death would solve nothing, “send him home boys, send him home”.

Gaza is in the same position that Santa Ana’s troops are in; facing overwhelming odds, backs to the sea, no escape from land, little chance of aid from foreign powers, they await what could be annihilation, which is intolerable. Can Netanyahu summon up the same courage and Wisdom as Sam Houston did at San Jacinto? I don’t think so, there appears to be a hardened aspect to this man to use power and force when discussion and empathy would work far better.

I’m not saying Hamas has nothing to do with this, lobbing a few essentially inert missiles at Israel, (or anywhere else), does nothing for the common cause or peaceful resolution. There are a lot of guilty parties here, but the main players are the Palestinians and the Israeli’s. Arms makers/dealers make fortunes off of these situations. Personally, I think anyone who makes a profit off of  war should have to fight in that war, up close, front line duty living in ditches eating food that barely keeps you alive and fighting off a determined enemy. Instead, these people sit in well adorned Board  rooms and have their accountants run the figures past them.

I don’t care what entity started this, I care immensely on what entity will find a resolution without the taking of even more lives. A number of things must happen though. Take down the barriers around Gaza, drop the blockade to allow humanitarian aid to enter, food, medicine, clothing, housing materials and the like.

Hamas, stockpile your missiles, Israel, back off from the border and stack arms. Prepare for long term talks, even though much that divides you is superficial, there are deep roots in hatred. Break down the notion that someone other than yourselves is “on your side”, few if any outsiders will fill the ranks of either side; we may talk a good game, but we are not threatened, so we chant and have meetings that have little to no effect on the outcome. What we are doing is showing our disgust in the wars that appear to be unceasing, without any attempt to end any war, much less all wars.

Palestinians have as much right to live as the Israeli’s, or anyone else for that matter. This form of slow genocide must end. Break down the barriers, stop the fighting. Find that forgiveness is much  more rewarding that spite and hate.







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