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July 11, 2014

A letter about the 4th of July parades Gloucester/Rockport

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Originally sent to Lee, and then transmitted through the Smedley/Samantha list, I invite you to read this remarkable letter addressing VFP’s commitment to Peace and community.

Fri 7/11/2014 11:04 AM


From: John Prybot

Subject:For all of you a big !THANK YOU!

 I’m taking advantage of this communication facility to express personal as well as speak for the appreciation of all those people here in Gloucester itself as well as from Rockport who have spoken to me regarding Veterans For Peace participation in the Gloucester and Rockport Independence Day celebration parades. In the interval since these events I’ve received so many affirmations that I would like to have all those who took part to know how much their individual and collective presence meant in opening minds towards a deeper consideration of the significance of our national holiday and the potential for a constructive resolution of conflict rather than destructive encouragement of further violence and its tragic consequences for everyone involved.

  I’m a city employee here at Sawyer Free Library which means plenty of public exposure and  interaction with library users. This makes me available for plenty of commendations and  responses regarding 4th of July, and I can tell you that VFP really made a strong impact on a good many people that I want to make you aware of. I hope that you as recipient of these congratulations can make the rest of the contingent know that their going the long extra mile to get up to Cape Ann so both the Samantha Smith and Smedley D. Butler brigades could be represented was very impressive for me. Not only did some of you come from a distance but you repeated your trip to be at Rockport Saturday evening! That was a demonstration of dedication since you took the time from your holiday to be here. So from me to all of you a most sincere and heartfelt !Maltiyoox chi eewe!– “!Mil Gracias!”– “Thank you so much!” in three languages with the expectation that you enjoy as special a Summer as the wonderful weather favors us with and on beyond that to the next chance you have to let the wider world realize there is indeed a alternative to war. Thanking you for being who you are, with appreciation –John Prybot, RPCV-Guatemala, C.A.[San Pedro La Laguna, Depto. Solola’] 1970-1979


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