Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

July 7, 2014

Listen to Veterans For Peace Radio streaming on 6-8 Eastern

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Hi everybody!

While you’re sitting at your computer, doing the magnificent work you do, open a tab, go to or at 1800 EDT and listen to Joe and I discuss matters pertaining to the military, spying by the NSA/CIA, et al, as we expose what wrongs we have observed and have read about. We do research to give you an honest and sincere point of view.

You can scroll over and visit The Green Room as well and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can click Veterans For Peace which I use as my de facto blogsite. Much of what is in there is subjective, since it’s my point of view, but there are objective points as well. You can also download previous shows, I have been tagging and uploading as many as I can at a time, we have had some 85 shows since this began, some I go solo, some have guests, in any case, we have fun, we get serious, we’ve stopped the pies in the face routine, since it doesn’t work that well on radio, (drat!)

Nothing is off limits and there is but one rule, we do not advocate violence toward anyone or any entity, (which I have broken by suggesting I would have liked to pop Hitler in the nose).

One other thing, the second Monday of each month is “canned” show, we pre-record as that is the time VFP has it’s meeting.

Upcoming events: Sev has graciously offered his home as a meeting spot for a two hour “round table” discussion, (date to be determined, but not far away). We’ll be doing more live broadcasting and recording at public events and for speakers invited to other venues for those of you who can’t attend, but want to listen, I would have loved to get Chris Hedges, but gremlins got out of their cages and something went wrong. We’ll be adding some music, mostly public domain Peace activist items as well as Pat Scanlon’s great work. Most importantly, if any of you would like to be on the radio, please let me know, I have mobile capabilities or you can come down to the studio at 9A Hamilton Place, 2nd floor, (off Park St Station by Orpheum Theater.

SO….Tune in tonight, and every Monday night, or check the schedule for the replays during the week. We’ll be adding new items as they come up and try to keep you as informed as possible.


Bob & Joe



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