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March 23, 2014

The Brother/Sisterhood of Veterans

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This should not be a difficult thing to write, but I find the military has changed somewhat since I was in. Weapons and tactics have changed, sociologically the military has taken a new updated place in the history of the nation and quite often the price has been high. Those of us who wore the uniforms of the various  services have seen a lot of changes over the past few decades, but one thing that has not changed is a vocabulary for some of the things we’ve seen and done. Some things just don’t have words to describe, or we are worried that others who never served will not understand our apprehension when we talk about our experiences.

Some things must be addressed though, and there are plenty of words to describe them. The blatant fact that there is sexual abuse in the military is a stain that will take years, if not decades to wash away. The higher ups in the military are almost entirely to blame for what is happening. A Brigadier General gropes a Captain, and he’s not tried for that crime, and if found guilty, he should spend time in Leavenworth as an E-1 with no pay or allowances, his discharge should read dishonorable and he should be exposed as the predator he is. He is not alone in his abuse of others, to include males that have been raped by predators. We, who served honorably owe it to our fellow service members to pursue every avenue we can to ensure that today’s service members are protected as they should be under the UCMJ and The Law of Land Warfare. Regardless of rank or stature, predators must be dealt with, quickly and decisively. No plea bargains, take them to task, and if guilty, they need to lose all rank and privileges, placed on a hard labor detail with zero time off for “good behavior”. From General to Private, the standard must be the same, if guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they need to pay the full price of their crime(s).

When women began coming into the Army in the 80’s, I was there for the initial wave, they did better than many of their male counterparts, bringing with them a dedication I admired greatly. I never once heard of a sexual assault charge, (although I’m almost positive somewhere this happened.)

We 3-4% of the population who have worn the uniforms of the various services have many tales to tell, some heroic, some sorrowful, some funny, and a host of other things. But we keep close to our hearts the anguish we saw, this is true of every war; we are sure that others who were not there simply cannot understand what we inherently know because of our service. We must combine with our civilian counterparts and congresscritters to ensure that predators are taken to task.

I ask all veterans to help take these people down,  before all veterans are seen as predators and rapists. These people do this for power, it’s time to take the power away from these monsters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and act,

Bob Funke


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