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March 20, 2014

The World According to Armchair Generals

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Our recent St. Patrick’s Day Peoples Parade For Peace, received very little press or other media coverage while Whacko Hurley’s small band of Allied War Veterans Council parade received some pretty good press. I am not sure about Hurley’s military record, but I have heard he was a reservist and never left the country, spending a good deal of time in Norfolk VA. From what I can see, there are approximately 4 active members in the AWVC, but there may actually be up to 10 or 12 depending on whom one speaks to. Armchair General, worthless in any capacity.

Hurley has stated that the parade he presides over is not either political or militaristic, however, in truth, it is both and then some. The drums of war, the bagpipes, the Jr ROTC, military vehicles and cadets festooned in various uniforms march, out of step I might add, are the major attractions after the float with a faux St Pat “blessing” the onlookers . I find it difficult for a man of Patrick’s stature, (“Killing is not with Christ”), being used to lead military vehicles down the streets of South Boston. Whacko, thy name is hypocrite.

On the other hand, the Veterans For Peace sponsored Peoples Parade For Peace Equality and Justice had nothing to do with the military except honest to God veterans who are adamantly against war; that is our military presence. We also embraced many other “fringe” groups, LGBT, Religious, Social Justice, Environmental and a host of others who have stood by the sidelines until four years ago. We are all inclusive and spend a good deal of time reaching out to others to join us and show solidarity on a number of exceptionally important fronts. We have no use for warmongers, haters or bigots. We stand tall with our brothers and sisters who have been denied participation in their “official” stomp.

The bottom line is, truth will always trump a lie; there is no place for Whacko to hide, he is a coward and that’s all I need to know.


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