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December 28, 2013

2014, Can We Stop The Slaughter?

May 27, 2003: An Iraqi child jumps over Shi’ite remains discovered in a mass grave south of Baghdad and brought to a school for identification. Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images


2014 was the call from the president to disengage from Afghanistan, we shall see if this becomes reality. Other parts of the world are burning as well though. South Sudan, the Congo, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine/Israel; not to mention tremendous problems here at home and in Asia. Can we bring people together?

The recent slaughter of Christians in Iran is an atrocity, what will, or can the world do to stand down from all of these,  and other horrors that inflicted upon innocent people? Insane “leaders” are demanding blood for some supposed travesty thrust upon them by others, which in some cases this is true, after all the Iraq/Afghanistan wars begun by bush and his idiocracy is a primer for recruiting maniacs from all sides. Suicide bombers on one side and a misguided military adventure that is little more than an attempt to expand an empire built on energy acquisition, essentially fossil fuels that are destroying the planet in more ways than an increase in CO2. Massive kills in spawning areas for fish and other sea creatures; unknown conditions of older pipelines that burst and spill out into places where humans and other forms of life are facing an immediate threat. The lust for oil soaked lucre is great and it is paid for in human blood.

We need to come together as a society and put an end to the inequality that has brought us to the brink of a world war as huge companies run over people to make a profit that does not go to the shareholder, but rather to the officers who must have hearts made of ice, pathologically looking at our earth as a game board that they can move about at will leaving nothing but death and destruction in their wake.

We must empower ourselves by coming together, all races, religions and elements of humanity need to draw close to one another so that we can fight against the complex that has evolved exists only to take and never give back. My fear is that there many problems with  egos that must be overcome, leaders emerge in various areas, but often these leaders don’t understand how to delegate and inevitably get bogged down, we need people with ideas and people who can carry those ideas forward. Breaking the current system will take a great deal of willpower and motivation, but we can do it if we come together, we will be an unstoppable force for good.

When we come together,we can see each other as we are, human beings sharing a single planet where each person should be treated fairly and equitably, with dignity and respect. We are on the cusp of revolution, we must ensure it is a bloodless revolution while holding those responsible for these debacles, trying them if they are criminals and taking from them not just their freedom, but their spoils as well, for they are modern day pirates and thieves. We must build a system of justice that takes into account not just the petty criminal, but the those who wield power with the money they have stolen from other, into the billions of dollars.

We have not much longer to go before we foul the planet to the point where our very existence is in doubt. Our fists must become open hands and we must learn to come closer through interaction. We can do this, let’s get started.


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