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October 30, 2013

11-11-11 1918 to Today

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On the 11th hour, or the 11th day of the 11th month, The Great War did not end, but an armistice was brokered for that time. The actual Peace Treaty was signed at the Treaty of Versailles of 28 June 1919, ending the war.

The focus is on 11-11-11 is that men were still fighting right up to that moment. It seems sensible to me that upon hearing that combat operations would end, it would be wise to hunker down in the bunkers, have some coffee, a smoke and wait it out; that as not to be. Heavy guns fired right up 1100, Small arms fire continued until 1100 with Private Henry Gunter being the last American to die in combat at 10:59 while charging a bridge. It is unknown why he rose to do this, but it placed him in a historical position.

In 1928,the US became a signatory to the end of war, that obviously did not work as war continues to this day. Numerous wars and fighting have continued to this day, the largest being WWII which was merely an extension of the Great War. A generation was brought forth just in time to begin the crossing of the Polish border in 1939; a new crop of men were out to die.

It is estimated that some 650,000 soldiers died between the two wars, about 85%, (60,000,000) more were civilians. The killing and maiming continues to today. It is long past time to end war and armed conflicts. May we use this Armistice Day to remind us that war is something that needs to end, just as it was supposed to on 11-11-11-1918.

May Peace prevail.



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