Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

April 29, 2013

A Week in Dallas for a one day protest of the bush lie-bury

So here it was, a chilly Tuesday morn when I left for Dallas; needless to say, the 85 degree weather changed dramatically and the heaviest thing I had was a sweatshirt. Could have been worse, it got to the lower 40’s w/a slight breeze at night. We prepared for the Big Event on Thursday, going over ground rules, maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, finding out how the Dallas PD would likely treat us, the usual stuff that goes with well advised protests.

We heard from Ann Wright, Leah Bolger, Phil Donahue and others who had boundless energy and were raring to go. Most of us were grey-hairs, but surprisingly, many were younger, and that made my heart soar. For far too long, the youth have been left by the wayside in movements, their ideas discarded, even when validated time after time. We geezers don’t have all of the answers, we can help with what works from our point of view, but we fail when we don’t take into account what the youth of today sees…we can’t fight the last war, we have to be ready to take on new and often complicated problems.

Thursday was the big day, we got most of the press since we showed up early, but we wound up on the cutting floor compared to the mob that showed up at bush’s outhouse/lie-bury. This piece of crap cost $500,000,000, that’s half a billion dollars for a failed president that has difficulty tying his shoes. How many children could have been fed, clothed and prepared for school w/that money? A monument to failure, half a billion dollars, and no mention of the nightmare this jerk brought upon the world.

It makes one a little uneasy when police and snipers are scoping you out from the rooftops, a sort of “nazi” feeling to all of this.

Anyway, here is a link to my FB Page w/a collage of various photos, enjoy:




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  1. At school, we are forced to study Shakespearian plays depicting mayhem and murder.
    We studied The Lord of the Flies which depicted extremely bad behaviour by children and even
    murder. I would have loved to have studied a bit of oral sex instead.

    Comment by Mark Lewis — July 19, 2013 @ 2:26

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