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March 20, 2013

Peace is Possible, but it takes more work than war

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War is easy, you just go out and kill and maim; dislocate noncombatants, generally, create mayhem.

Peace on the other hand takes a lot more work. For one thing, it is imperative to know who a potential enemy may be, then learn about their culture and generally figure out what to do to reconcile differences, (which are often miniscule in the greater scope of things).

There is far too much hatred, ignorance and fear in this world. Taking the time to find our commonalities and then building upon them takes effort, but it is well spent, for we all breathe the same air, drink the same water and share theonly place in the universe where we are positive there is life. We spend far too much time seeking out differences and using them to create enemies as opposed to extending a hand to help those in need, those who would live, if given the chance.

There is profit in war and there lies the rub; Peace is not profitable at the fast war profiteering. Grasping for any reason to create new and terrible weapons that kill and maim is a waste of time and energy…how many children go to bed hungry every night because of what we waste?

Can we, as a species, continue on this course and not expect global ramifications; using up every resource at our disposal, leaving the future for the next generations bleak at best?

The iconic photo, by Kevin Carter, shows what can happen during famine, often caused by war, we should never allow this to happen. How easily could this child have been saved if just a slight portion spent on arms was spent on food?

May we enter an age where this will never be the future.



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