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March 8, 2013

When Children Weep

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In the distance, there is a “buzzing” sound, a drone is in the area looking for a target. Once found, either an individual or a group of individuals vanish in a flash, vaporized by a $160,000 missile fire from thousands of miles away, they never had a chance, never knew what hit them. The children of the stricken men weep, the wives weep, if they are still alive.

War has always been an atrocity, the very definition of insanity and we have taken it to a lower level than ever before. Being one of the Boomer generation, (no pun intended), I thought nothing could be worse than the catastrophe of WWII and it’s ensuing horror of death camps and millions dying in vain attempts to take warfare from the horrific to the hellish. The thought that industrialized warfare and countless millions of non-combatants killed could get any worse was beyond my comprehension. Living in NYC during the Cold War, ducking under wooden desks in practicing for a nuclear strike seemed the height of absurdity. To me, the burning desk would only add fuel to my already burnt to a crisp body. Fear, McCarthy, more fear, death in a split second, Commies behind every bush and tree. But I did not believe the Soviets at the time would touch off a nuke and incinerate the world.

Now, a couple of generations later, death comes swiftly to some, no notice, no rhyme, no reason. The signature of the president can, and does, destroy life as the ink dries. In a split second, a group of human beings becomes little more than splotches of blood and bits of tissue strewn about the area. Fire from the sky, there is something Biblical about that, and not in the good sense.

A group stands and talks, perhaps about the price of bread or how much feed is necessary for a camel to go a certain distance. Perhaps the discussion is about the wedding party that was struck by a Hellfire missile or the need to gather more small pieces of linen to wrap the bodies of the children killed before they are buried in shallow, dry graves.

We have become no better than those we condemn. We are no better than the warriors of old, who told great tales of bravery and how they slew their enemies with the swiftness of a sword; the difference is, we now use missiles that travel at Mach 2 and we do not have to look into the faces of those we kill. It’s push a button and death comes from the sky, and children weep as their fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters are vaporized before their eyes, the last clear thing they see, before the tears well up.



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  2. well said. Put it onmy facebook.

    Comment by butimbeautiful — March 10, 2013 @ 2:26

    • Thank you. Children suffer so much during war.

      Comment by bobfunke — March 10, 2013 @ 2:26

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