Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

March 5, 2013

Fire in the Hole!

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In general Army terms, that means, “get the fuck away, she’s going to blow!”

This is where we are at in our empire building strategy; all hell is going to break loose and we’re going down with the whole shebang.

Let’s look at some facts, although we have the most powerful military the world has ever known, it’s a paper tiger. Sure, we can blow things up, kill a lot of people and do more harm than any nation on earth, (think of the combined forces and what they could do!), but without boots on the ground to maintain the “peace”, we have nothing. We are so stretched out I’m surprised we haven’t collapsed already. In other words, we have the tools to wage war, but we don’t have the personnel.

Think about ow top heavy we are in brass, the is one general for approximately 40 troops. Most of the clowns are “specialists” in fields we know little of, but a lieutenant generally has some 40 troops…for some star-studded beanbag without the where-with-all of a command structure, we’re sitting in a minefield waiting for one of these idiots to clip a tripwire and sen us all to hell.

Admiral command fleets of ships that do little more than practice tactical trash, burning fuel at an incredible rate and using people a if they were stairs on the ladder to gaining another star.

Trillions of dollars that could have gone to fantastic projects have been wasted by a crap filled bag of stars just itching to “start another fight”. Which bring me back to the Army, the boots on the ground. We don’t have them, no war has ever been won without an Army occupying territory for a period of time. We are no different; and we’ve squandered our defense capabilities while we’ve been empire building. I doubt we could defend NJ at this point.




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