Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

March 4, 2013

They are there…

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Beneath Marble headstones and bronze plaques rest a percentage of gay and lesbian soldiers; having given the last full measure to their country. Virtually all of these men and women are unknown to us. We pass their graves barely thinking a thought other than the fact that they were soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Merchant Marines; small flags placed at each grave, we cannot visualize what they looked like and the sacrifices they went through…marble and bronze.

As we pass by the crosses, the Stars of David and Crests with Stars, we know little of those who rest there. An occasional BS, (Bronze Star), SS, (Silver Star), even a rare MOH, (Medal of Honor) a rank, branch of service; but something is missing, we know so little of these of these men and women. How many lovers shed tears when their loved one’s died? If a lesbian couple lost a loved one, who are we to judge the love they shared, they joy they had while they were together? If a gay couple were separated during battle where one died, who are we to judge the pain left by the survivor?

Love is love, no man, woman or child should be afraid to show emotion when a love one is lost. The little son of a “two mom family” will weep openly at the loss of one of their parents, but in the coldness of the world, we have yet to allow adults to do the same.

I can pretty well guarantee that under a stone, marked with a Medal of Honor, a gay soldier rests. I know the lesser awards for valor, or for no valor at all, have men and women who have served this nation as gays and lesbians. I am not asking that new devices be installed for those who were cut  down in their prime, no rainbow flags, (although that would be fine by me); no intertwined symbols of sexual orientation. What I am asking for is that all of those who were sacrificed upon the altar of war be treated honorably and respectfully.

We need to remember the hundreds of millions of civilians who have suffered terribly under war as well. For each headstone or bronze plaque, perhaps 500-1000 non-combatants suffered as well. Killed, displaced, maimed, they too are victims of endless wars. With mechanized war being driven from thousands of mile away by drones and people being targeted, we must recall that the shallow graves in foreign lands where so many have died and been maimed. We must recall that those who had nothing to do with hostilities are victims a well.

We are all human beings, we all deserve the same amount of dignity and respect, regardless of gender, gender identification, religion, place of origin, or the hue of our skin; we are brothers and sisters of this world and we need to make it work a hell of a lot better.





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