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February 25, 2013

$160,000 a pop for a Hellfire missile

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Doesn’t seem like much in the Grand Scheme of Things, but the way we’re using these things, they really add up. A drone flies over and targets individuals, say a group of men talking, perhaps about he price of bread, and $160,000 later, (not to mention all of the “pilots” and keeping the drone in the air and maintaining the thing); they are vaporized. Later, we find out an “error” was made and there were women and children that were not seen. Four men discussing the price of bread, 15 dead and maimed.

This happens more often than not. “Targets” are difficult identify from a moving aerial vehicle, there are no uniforms that distinguish an “enemy”, drones can’t see through walls or under tarps protecting people from the sun while they shop or eat. Since we use these notorious objects, we have to build more…at $160,000 a pop. Generally, when demand goes up, the price goes down; not so in the military-industrial complex. From horse meat and dog sold during the Civil War, exorbitant prices have been demanded for the tools of war.

Here is a simple plan, easy enough for a general to understand, disarm drones, use them only for surveillance, identify targets and then get boots on the ground and capture the individuals you want to interrogate and talk to. No torture, no dead and maimed children, no orphans, you talk to the person just as the police talk to a suspect.

The vast majority of people on this earth want Peace. No one wants to be “vaporized” or endanger their children and wives. Stand down, put the arms to rest, stop creating more enemies by killing, above all, innocents. Bring food, medical care, blankets, methods to clean the water, not bombs or Hellfire missiles.  Bring seeds to create a farming community that an be self sustaining, bring compassion, understanding and humanity.

We could feed a village and buy books for a village for $160,000, and more; we could rebuild what we’ve destroyed, our integrity.

Who loses? Raytheon, GE, and a host of other providers of death and destruction.

Who wins? Humanity

The choice is ours, and we need to stop this madness immediately.



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