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February 15, 2013

It’s not just military and insurgents that die

Filed under: The Human Cost of War — bobfunke @ 2:26

Since we’ve moved into the big leagues after WWII, we’ve been in a near constant state of war in one fashion or another and though these increasingly terrible attacks and invasions of other nations and peoples, we have deployed weapons that are increasingly dangerous. We’ve been told that depleted uranium, (D/U), has been proven “safe” because this is a projectile that has had it’s radioactive signature depleted.

For starters, I find any projectile aimed at a human being somehow being “safe” as ludicrous.

Whether it is a thrown rock, or d/u, the effect can be the same, someone can get hurt or killed. The big differences are the weight ratio’s, the velocities involved and the radiation encountered. By far, the most insidious is the radiation. Since we’ve begun using this type of munition, the rate of birth defects in Iraq and Afghanistan have jumped by to nearly 12.7% of all births. that is 12:100, (the worldwide ratio is 2.7:100). This alarming number of increased birth defects is almost surely due to D/U, I cannot find any direct scientific correlation, but it seems to me that there has to be a tie in.

The projectiles are “safely” handled here perhaps, but in combat, projectiles rarely stay intact. Unless fired into something soft, they have a tendency to shatter on impact spreading their mass for considerable distances. D/U is a heavy metal chock full of mass that is being scattered over considerable distances contaminating relatively large areas.

On of the nightmares of d/u is the massive increase of birth defects that have afflicted Iraqi’s, Afghan’s and our American children. This stuff is radioactive and it is inevitable that birth defects will result from it’s use. The average birth defect rate is 2.7% worldwide; in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is 12.6%. Children being born w/o limbs, eyes, noses or mouths, essentially many simply have no face…let me repeat that, no face.

We must stop the killing and maiming of hundreds of thousands the world over. We hold the keys to a Peaceful world, one where we are not creating enemies at every turn. We can feed the hungry, clothe the naked help with irrigation and getting people to be self sufficient. Close down the military-industrial complex and create the Peace and Life complex.


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