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February 15, 2013

Death from Above, the evil of drone warfare

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A US assassination drone firing a missile (file photo)


At first glance, it could appear that firing a Hellfire missile from an unmanned drone aircraft killing a known enemy in a distant land could actually somehow be a “good” thing. After just a moments thought though, we realize that killing anyone in never a “good” thing.

After a few more synapses fire, it becomes apparent that the entire drone program is little more than murder from afar. The mishaps, firing missiles into weddings and funerals; firing a missile at a single target and taking out a dozen innocent bystanders; this is how our “new” wars are being fought. I can compare it to a gangland drive by shooting, who cares who gets hurt or killed, as long as you, “make your point”.

This is not warfare, except in the sense that people get killed, it is cowardice, with a lot of innocent people being killed along the way. We are not the “World Police”, however, we have become the “World’s Bully”. We need to regain our sense of self esteem, our sense of reason, we need to be helping people not destroying them and stealing their resources for the profit of a few monsters at the top of the food chain.

With every strike, we create more enemies, more people realize that our government is seriously broken, beholding to the 1%. We, the People, need to end this travesty once and for all; rise up and shout from the streets, “Not in our name!”


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