Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

February 10, 2013

How many must die?

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In every battle, every war, every conflict, people die, many of these are non-combatants who have everything to  lose and nothing to gain from armed conflict. Children, women, men who have nothing to fight for lose all they have in the death cycle of war. Bombs dropped during WWII killed more civilians than German, Italian of  Japanese troops. Millions of acres of homes and fields were destroyed, the firestorms of Berlin, Dresden, Tokyo, took hundreds of thousands of lives. Some people were sucked into a fire tornado that drew in winds of 150+ mph. Hiroshima and Nagasaki stand out as the the ultimate destruction of life, as neither were military targets of any importance.

Millions died under Stalin, Hitler, Tojo, Churchill, Roosevelt and Truman. Millions more died under Pol Pot, Johnson and Nixon. The near constant state of war somewhere has kept the wheels of industry well greased. We could have spent so much less on education and medical care than we do on war and would have had far better results for humanity. With what was left over, we could have rebuilt our infrastructure, more schools, trained more teachers, have more scientists enter the ranks, ensured the security of the nation from attack and broken the Military Industrial Complex once and for all.

There is money to be made in war, a lot of it. Far too many people lose their lives needlessly under the cries of  “patriotism” and other euphemisms that stir people into doing things that are quite simply wrong. The wealth to be made drowns out the cries of those wounded, maimed and dying, it obstructs our view of the rivers of blood, broken bones and torn sinew.

We must join together to end the nightmare of war, we must break the chains that tie us to this filthy business.


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