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June 2, 2012

Thoughts on the military

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I think we should get rid of the Dept of Offense, and replace it with a Dept of Defense; something that is not so intrusive into the lives of others unless absolutely necessary.

I also think that anyone who beats the drums for war should fight the war. The age of sending others to do the dirty work should be over.

I also think there should be a draft, but not for the poor and those left behind in society, but rather a draft that brings CEO’s, CFO’s and others into the fold, after all, if they are going to make most of the money, they should be in the military defending their own assets.

I think we should have a national day where veterans have a chance to speak, all at once, about the horrors of war. No generals, admirals or high ranking officials, even if they served on front lines in the early part of their careers, but rather a day in which privates, NCO’s and officer ranks up to captain, (lieutenant in the Navy), get a chance to tell their side of things, honestly and up front with the public and their families. I believe this would do much to heal the wounds inflicted, not just on others, but ourselves as well. We were victims of war as well, even if some never saw combat, I’m willing to bet that their fathers did during WWII, Korea or Vietnam; how about we give these men and women a day off so they can do some explaining, clean the air of the fog of war,  take down the notion that war is some kind of privilege or noble enterprise.

War is not just a deadly business, it is also a dirty business…and believe me, war is all about business. Just about anything that is built can be purchased for the military. One thing I found interesting during my time in the Army was how a kid’s slide was not only on the same page of microfiche with hand grenades, but only a line separated them. Playthings for kids and death and destruction separated by a mere line because the NSN’s, (National Stock Numbers) were so close, there is something perverse in that.

I think we should  have a moratorium on war films, unless they depict war honestly. No John Wayne or Ronald Reagan flying for the Marines or Army Air Force, but honest depictions made by honest individuals who have been in the hell humanity can create. They tried with a few, but documentaries are generally the best. It doesn’t take a narrator to explain the body smoldering, half hanging out of a tank after being roasted alive.  That guy was lucky, he died quickly; there are far more that died slow deaths in the hands of their captors. I vividly recall an episode of World at War  that had the filming of German and Japanese that were roasted by flamethrowers, and our guys got it too. But what of the mental anguish and scars that those who fought these battles?  They come home, often broken by their experiences with only a shred of decency left after they have done the work of the arms manufacturers. Some come home fine, but they are the distinct minority, virtually everyone who has been under the strain of combat is what we’d call, “a little messed up”. Even the rear echelon come back with experiences that can break a man or woman into small pieces; unseen, their minds too, reel at the thoughts  of buddies never coming home or mangled yet still surviving.

I think everyone should read, Johnny Got His Gun. I think it should mandatory throughout the world. I think that only until people understand the true horror of war will they finally call for it’s banishment from humanity. It has been reported that after the first pictures from Gettysburg went up at a showing in NYC during the Civil War, there was an outcry from the population in the North to end the war. Bloated bodies, mouths agape, clothes disheveled and obviously in a state where the stench must have been overpowering by anyone’s standard. Maybe we need something like that again to wake us up and rattle us into reality.

I think Peace is the best possible option we have, and I know I’ll be pressing for it every day.



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