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June 1, 2012

It’s been a wild few weeks…

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Here in the Boston area VFP and other peace Groups have been out and about on numerous occasions and to be sure, there is more to come.

This Sunday, May 3rd, we will be marching in Dorchester’s parade in South Boston. It’s always a pleasure to work closely within the community as we press home the costs of war and how much could be saved if we stopped these wars and acts of imperialism.

For the record, I used to say we were never intended to be a nation based on imperialism, I can flatly say now, I was wrong; sadly, we have always been a culture based on imperialism.

This past Monday, The Smedley’s and Sammie’s had our annual Memorial Day for Peace at Christopher Columbus, (not his real name) Park, (there is imperialism right from the get-go, and we weren’t even a country back then!). We had our large canopy and quite a few VFP flags as well as a couple of American flags. Approximately 150 people stayed with us throughout the event with many more passing through and stopping for a bit.

This year, we not only focused on the armed services who have lost so many, we also made specific points on the rise of suicides, civilian deaths and Iraqi/Afghan refugees. We at VFP believe these are a huge part of the real cost of war, and they are virtually forgotten in every war. When these deaths are directly American casualties, we feel a deeper pain. We know these wars have taken a terrible toll on various populations and we wish to see no more…in fact, we never wanted to see any of these deaths.

Military suicides have risen dramatically, the Pentagon and VA are finally approaching the situation, but it is far too late for so many. It seems as if we always have ways of blowing things up, but it’s almost as if we’ve lost the ability to repair or build a better system. This does not surprise me, virtually all empires feel the same way, it’s easy to destroy, but difficult to build.

We need to rise up and question authority, after all, dissent is about as patriotic as it gets.

Please, perform a Random Act of Kindness today.



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