Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

June 1, 2012

How can we afford to keep these wars going?

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bush started these wars, there was no honest reason to go into Iraq or Afghanistan, (except to get bin-Laden), since that was not accomplished until Obama, what was bush’s “plan”…yes, even morons can plan.

My point is, we have dumped the Treasury out and then, after going cash-broke, we figure we can go on a credit card war spending spree…until demands come in for repayment. How much longer can we continue this debacle?

Virtually all of the cash is being spent on the military and Homeland Security, does anyone think this is wise?

How much more could be done if spent these vast sums on enriching not just ourselves through the infrastructure and various other programs that help not just the good citizens of this nation, but others as well?

I can think of 500 things off the top of my head we could use this money and resources on, so can each of you…and none of  it needs to got to war profiteers…or should I say, traitors?

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