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May 9, 2012

SEIU, Occupy stand by janitors against Capital Properties

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Listen to the OBR coverage from the rally on May 9th,2012:

Capital Properties has stated that the current janitors can accept lower wages with virtually no benefits if they wish to stay on;  the alternative…find another job.

At today’s rally, OB Radio ran a live broadcast of the event. While technical disadvantages prevented me from actually marching with those at the rally. I was fortunate to have a Union representative talk to OBR as well as several pick-ups of speakers and pickets protesting/chanting.

Approximately 125 people showed their solidarity with our brothers and sisters as we let the folks at Capital know their greed knew no bounds. One of the janitors affected, the grandmother of 6, to whom she is the sole supporter could lose her job if Capital goes through with it’s noxious proposals. At least 150 tenants of 31 St James have signed a petition to retain the current janitors at the rates with benefits they currently earn, or more. This amazing show of solidarity with workers is a welcome addition showing that once again, the People will not be compliant sheep before corporate juggernauts.

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    Read the newest blog post from Veterans for Peace Radio’s Bob Funke about Occupy’s involvement with the protest at Capital Properties in Boston,MA. Bob covered the event live, the audio is available in the post.

    Comment by occupybostonradio — May 10, 2012 @ 2:26

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