Veterans for Peace Radio Hour

May 9, 2012

Filed under: The Human Cost of War — bobfunke @ 2:26

I have two friends who lost two sons that can be attributed to the wars we are embroiled in, one was lost to sniper fire, the other committed suicide after grieving for his brother. One directly, the other indirectly, but both are gone.

This is the true cost of war, not measured in dollars and cents, but in blood and limbs.

Throughout history, wars have been fought for various reasons, but the end result is that those who don’t have to fight them gain immensely, while those who have so much to lose have been on the front lines and in support sacrifice so much. That’s not the entire problem however, added into the equation are civilian casualties, something we often are drawn away from by the media.

This week, I will be interviewing the parents of these young men, one family that has given more than 99.9% of most American families. I and my VFP brothers and sisters have known these individuals for a long time, we have shared laughs, tears and everything in between.

Monday’s how will be a pre-recorded show due to the fact that I have the monthly VFP meeting that is in the same time frame as the VFP live show that airs at 1800, (6 pm for all of you civilians). This conflict predicated the regular format. I ask that you sit in and hear the voices of the family torn asunder by war as they tell the story in their own words.


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