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May 5, 2012

We began the current wars on a dime, we will leave them with us broke.

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When the bush administration began these miserable fiascoes, we must remember that we were told we were going after Osama bin Laden and that we would, “see justice” brought upon the entity that brought us so much misery on 9-11. In just a few , months, he who sent our troops into the morass told the nation, with a straight face, that he “frankly didn’t care” where bin Laden was. Just for the record, I sure as hell was worried where are men and women were.

bush got his little war, Little Boots thought he would go down in history a great leader of our combat arms in the destruction of two nations and send a third, (us), into a financial tailspin. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been borrowed since those days and the costs have escalated to the point where the nation is truly suffering fiscally. bush and cheney should be behind bars, rumsfeld should be digging latrines for our troops on a hillside in Afghanistan.

The initiation of “Homeland Security” and the hundreds of billions misspent have dragged us further down the hole and we just won’t stop, even though good police work, some decent intel and  one well prepared “snatch and grab” could have done the job without the ensuing carnage. If bin Laden had been hauled before the courts, either here or international court, he’d be cooling his heels in prison for the rest of what would have been a miserable existence. Because bush couldn’t do it, he set up another to be the assassin.

Throughout all of this, the only one’s who have seen anything that can even come close a real success story are those who squeeze every nickel they can from a frightened population and suck up vast quantities of our resources, the war profiteers. Their success has been upon the blood, sinew, bones and minds of not only our servicemembers, but the populations of two nations…but that doesn’t even really scratch the surface since we also went to Libya, The Congo, and a host of other places where our strength has been diminished and those who swore to uphold the Constitution have been spread thinner than they have ever been before.

What have these profiteers given us? How about misery.

All of the time these Titans of Industry have lined their pockets they have been sucking up blood money. The same people that could produce the finest of products have brought us death and destruction. Even those who supply coffins have found untold riches upon the altar of war, left there by a scared and lied to public; sold into massive debt by some of the richest individuals on the planet. Eisenhower warned us so long ago about the Military Industrial complex, proving  just as Smedley Butler so eloquently stated so many years before, “War is a racket…a few profit, the many pay”.

I love history, I just don’t like the constant reruns.



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