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April 10, 2012

So, who was Smedley Butler?

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Smedley Darlington Butler was a USMC major General with a 33 year career. He served with distinction throughout his career and was awarded the Medal of Honor twice, along with the Brevet Medal, (the equivalent of the MoH in the Marine Corps during a period when officers did not receive the MoH, essentially making him the only person to be awarded the nation’s highest military honor 3 times).

His civilian career was also distinguished, particularly in 1934, when some corporate entities requested his leading 500,000 soldiers in a coup against FDR. Butler had the corporatists believe he’d do this, then exposed them nationally. He also had a great impact on working Americans during the Great Depression, condemning the use of military force led by MG MacArthur against veterans in “Hoovervilles” in Washington DC.

Veterans For Peace Radio is directly involved with Chapter 9 of Veterans For Peace, The Smedley Butler Brigade.

One of the many quotes of Butler remains our de facto “signature”:

“War is a racket,…a few profit-the many pay”



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